Our History

The idea for Tinga came about at a holiday party in December of 2001.  This was way before Montclair was a destination for relocating New Yorkers and way before the numerous food options available now.  Back then, about the only food you could have delivered was pizza and Chinese.  We were missing the food delivery options of NYC and especially good Mexican food.  “Burritos delivered are a necessity” a friend said, and we knew the exact Mexican restaurant to deliver them. Problem was they were in NYC.  So with that began the idea of Tinga (though we didn’t have the name yet). Fresh burritos (tacos, quesadillas and much more) delivered throughout Montclair and surrounding towns. 


In early 2002, the perfect spot was located at 215 Bellevue Ave. And while much has changed over the 17 + years Tinga has been open, we continue to be committed to serving delicious food, in generous portions at reasonable prices. 


While the food at Tinga is very important, we would not be going into our 18th year without our staff. They are the key part that makes Tinga a special place. Many have been with us for over 15 years.  Raydi and Karim, the 2 main servers on the floor have been with us from when we opened Tinga Millburn in 2003.  Angel our Manager has been with us over 10 years and most of the kitchen staff have been with Tinga for over 15 years, including Carlos, who has been with us since we opened the doors in June of 2002. To this day he makes the guacamole from scratch every day except Sunday. In the kitchen, Israel and Fernando have been cooking the food at Tinga for over 15 years.  We’re very proud that the Tinga Family has been together so long and of being part of the Montclair community since 2002.