Tinga offers a very distinctive and cozy dining room. Designed and built with salvaged materials, Tinga makes you feel welcome and cozy.  With only 26 seats in the main dining room, it was originally designed primarily for take-out and delivery, but quickly became a popular spot for eating in.  To this day, more than half our orders are take-out & delivery, even though we added a party room next door (The Penguin Room) and a patio that in season seats another 36.  In addition, we also have sidewalk seating in the warmer months and the Patio is heated, so you’ll be able extend the outdoor dining season.

Curb-Side Pickup & Contact-Free Delivery 

Call: 973 509 TACO (8226)


Tinga has many Gluten Free options(*). Our chips & salsa/dips are Gluten Free, as are all Tacos, Salads, Nachos, Enchiladas, Racks of Ribs and any burrito can be gluten free, just ask for it “bare” in a bowl.  

Please keep in mind that we use only 1 fryer, so while we make our taco shells & chips every day, they are made in the same fryer we use for gluten items (such as chicken fingers and salad bowls).

We also have many vegetarian options, and all of these can be made Vegan by requesting no cheese or sour cream (we have tofu sour cream to substitute)

Tinga DOES NOT USE NUTS of any kind in any recipes.